Our Mission

Building Tools for Civic Engagement

A model for local empowerment.

We deploy an ever-evolving set of tools that put power directly into the hands of community members who use our platform to support their own self-determination.

By working with local organizations who use a grassroots set of values, our platform is guided by a vision that amplifies community voice and democratizes decision making.

Our tools will be crafted for everyday people with a range of technical capacities, resulting in software that is accessible and truly inclusive.

Our tools support
every stage of community development.


From the initial phases of outreach and community organization to the evaluations and ongoing building years later, our platform is designed with community in mind.

Instead of relying on a tangled mass of disconnected platforms, ours integrates the complex web of needs in the field of community development.

We use a model that breaks the process down into three major steps, followed by a fourth with encapsulates the initial three.



Features Include:

  • Voting systems and real time feedback.
  • Geographically-defined surveys.
  • Data visualizations to share with community groups that supports meaningful dialogue.
  • Data input tools that allow canvassers to collect feedback from community members.
  • A digital space to share ideas for community improvement.


Features Include:

  • Project pages that track updates and provide a discussion space to evaluate project ideas.
  • Community specific dashboard that aggregates data, projects and discussion.
  • Promoting and documenting community meetings and growing contact lists.
  • Providing social-networking tools to encourage community group growth.


Features Include:

  • Project planning, timeline visualization, documentation, and management.
  • Volunteer system for organizers to mobilize community engagement.
  • Funding portal and connection to other potential funding sources.
  • Due diligence tools for organizations working with local businesses.


Features Include:

  • Metrics and performance rankings for businesses and projects that are launched.
  • Evaluation and survey tools to check effectiveness and response.
  • Tools to coalesce community assemblies.

Community Feedback

I support the vision of Mr. Miles. I think having the people involved with decisions being made in their community is a wonderful idea and will build strength and unity in the community. Tyrone Wilson

Director (Harambee)

A partnership like this one allows for residents who have been historically marginalized in our city to take greater ownership and interest in the well-being of our community.

This is an act of reparative justice. Jordan Scruggs

Midtown Rising, Pastor (Saint James United Methodist Church)

For both equity and practicality, now more than ever we need to amplify the voices of those who have been missing in the development of economic development projects. Kathleen Tobin, Ph.D

Associate Director (The Benjamin Center for Public Policy Initiatives at SUNY New Paltz)

Who we are

Miles Crettien

Miles Crettien



Miles is an entrepreneur and business strategist based in Kingston, NY, working to test and implement equitable community development strategies for local economies. He holds an MBA in Sustainability with a background in project management consulting, entrepreneurship, and local economic development research.

Tola Brennan

Tola Brennan



Tola is a web developer, designer and artist based in Kingston, NY. He holds an MA in journalism from the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and a BS from Hunter College. His background includes a diverse set of creative careers including film production, graphic design, and fine art.

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